S Curve

It feels like a world of hard edges when all you want is a simple elegant curve. So much around us running at right angles or in perfect parallel. Never the sweeping exquisite curvature you want just as the sun finally starts to fade into the late afternoon.

I remember the skate park near where I live. Soft gentle ramps transitioning into smooth concrete half pipes and skate pools.The bend I want is mid-park. The walk to that place an excise in faith as the young skater’s speed by. It’s the curve I’m after, but I’m not alone in my love of this contour. Not long after I start shooting skaters and their shadows join me d arting in and out of frame while I intently focus.

Later in the edit, my young friends provide context and depth to what I came here to capture. Happily, I offer it here today. A day searching for a soft gentle bend in an otherwise straight and ordinary day.