Giant POV

Across a vacant parking lot that defines the edge of the beach a miniaturized landscape emerges. Gale force winds pull the beach sand across the hot blacktop inches from the surface. Every crack and contour becoming a shelter, hiding where the wind can’t find space to work.

Wind and sand have graven vast landscapes for a millennium. That same process is at work here transforming the empty lot on a diminutive scale. Contours of sand and stone sculpted into miniature mountains. Valleys and contours leading to the limited horizon that is the edge of the concrete.

A view that could appear from 30,000 feet – just inches from the ground.

Like a giant walking amongst the landscape, I have my choice of mountain ranges and vast plains. Hovering over whatever I choose. Picking anything that suits my visual delight. To an outside observer, I must have looked more madman than a giant. Stalking an empty lot on a windy day shooting parking stalls and worn asphalt. Then this quote comes to mind “and those seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”. I take comfort and continued my search.