World Above

Visiting Vancouver BC this week takes me back to a place I visited many times and a location I have shot before – the convention center at Canada Place. I knew today when I left the boat I would end up here under the large globe that dominates the lobby of this modern structure in the heart of downtown. My composition not much different than I have shot here before.

My process this time more about patience than discovery as I wait for just the right pedestrians to fill my frame.

I have always wanted to shoot this location capturing the motion of people beneath the earth above. The entire world floating over individual figures hurrying along on their daily rounds. The still and colorful earth above humans oblivious to what is just overhead. A metaphor to how we build a world of glass and steel to match our human construct of beauty.

Laying on the ground to capture this shot I found myself in a familiar position. Shooting a ground-up perspective of the world above.