Abandoned Keys


A short trip to Seattle today also had me stopping at a recycling junkyard on my way home – my list of to do’s including dropping some old scrap metal from a recent welding project at my daughter’s house. I have been to this place many times and I always make sure to leave time to wander this lot with its interesting pieces of scrap that have found their way here over the years.

It’s a bit of a hodgepodge with random heaps piled high and odd-shaped metal cutouts leaving the visitor to decide what the result of it all was before it was discarded. Back towards the rear, a true find comes into view just as I was about to turn around and head home. An old player piano showing the ravages of rain and wind sat somewhat out of place among the piles of runish.

I wished I could have found this in a green field where I would have shot in its entirety. Old and decaying with nothing more than a simple background to highlight the elegant beauty of age and history. Instead, I was forced to capture only a slice of its wonder fearing the distraction of the surroundings would diminish its impact.

Back at home, it was joy to play with the images in post. The appeal in back and white was powerful, but the hint of green won the day giving just a sliver of context and intrigue to this little piece of found art in the mounds of the discarded.