Open Seating

It’s not always easy getting up early to shoot. The dawn creeping in my window is reason enough to roll over for just a few more minutes of slumber. Having the chance at early light and the prospect of a warm beverage eventually pushes me outside breaking the dawn with a closing door behind me.

It was a morning to wander and I took full advantage of the time and quiet to focus on the sounds and smells wrapped around me.
A camera is reason enough to walk, but this morning the solitude is what I find most powerful. The stillness of the air and the smell of salt and sea combine to create a blanket of calm that lays dense on the coastal landscape. Everything is touched this morning. The trees hang heavy with it and every nook seems to have remnants of the night clinging to the smallest crack.

I don’t stop to sit here. It’s too perfectly quiet to disturb the space. As if sitting down would somehow break the transition from dawn to daylight. I didn’t have the courage to disturb this place.

The beauty of a camera is you can intrude and capture without disrupting what, this morning, was perfect solitude. I move onto another place leaving behind what I found and what I took with me. A single picture.