Photography is such a dynamic form of expression. From capturing a moment on a busy street corner to envisioning something in my mind, it’s deeply personal today.

This afternoon, I set in motion a process that will lead me to part with one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. It’s something I’ve nurtured and cared for over the last 22 years—a platform of joy, success, countless failures, and at times, utter terror on the open seas. I’ve experienced the most elated moments with her and, at times, the greatest frustration. She’s been the catalyst for some of my best memories and most cherished experiences. I’ve earned money from her beauty and grace, yet spent countless more than I ever imagined on her care and upkeep. There’s nothing more thrilling than being at the helm of this boat under full sail.

I’m not sure who will take my place as her owner once she’s gone, but I know in my heart I’ve done my best to care for her, and in return, she’s given me the ride of my life.

To Galatea, the Greek goddess of calm seas—adieu.