Sum of the Parts

A windy day and a short walk. The beachhead just over the rise. Grass covers the approach long and dense like a thick carpet of tall green mat. Pausing you can hear the blades straining against each other like the sound of whipping a stick through the air. The movement resembling water as the mass moves in unison to each change in wind direction and intensity – a green barometer layed out wide and long. The single wooden walkway the only bridge across.
As a landscape it is beautiful as the sun reaches the final quarter of the day. For me the scene becomes about detail rather that landscape. The smaller graphic elements that build to create the entire landscape. One part of the sum. One slice of the bigger picture. Here is where I often find myself. Dissecting the larger spaces into small vignettes. Helping myself to the grand landscape only to find the little parts that make it great.