Trek North

Giant redwood trees fill the frame on Vancouver Island
It’s that time of year. A move north that is quickly becoming an annual occurrence as I make the change from a life lived in a harbor along the California coast to one in the northern reaches of the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia. Here on the remote coast of central Vancouver Island, there is little more than what the locals call “a life of rocks, trees, and water”. Giant Spruce and occasional redwoods filling the space between rock and water barely leaving space for humans to intrude.
When I do, with a camera in hand, the widest lens in my kit is the only way to even attempt to capture the enormity of this place and some of the species that inhabit it. Standing at the foot of these monsters, my head tipped backward almost to the point of toppling over, it’s a wonder they have been here over a 1000 years. The canopy above stretching across the sky blocking out all but the noonday sun.
Having a 16mm lens up close is a blessing here. Getting the chance to stand amongst these giants of nature – a true honor.