Another travel day. Another day spent mingling with a cross-section of America in a daylong transition from one location to another. Recently in a political expose it was said the best way to see who lives in American is to spend the day traveling across it in a plane and through its regional airports. The exposure to just about every ethnicity, social/economic class and political or religious point of view is there on display.

Unlike daily life in a neighborhood where diversity can be so regional, air travel is the place where everyone comes together as the planes land and the mixing begins. Able and disabled. Fat and thin. Angry and joyful. All moving along the concourses to another connection. For better or worst, whether you want to travel or not, the experience shockingly predictable, yet refreshingly different no matter how often you do it.

How all this relates to photography and a photograph today Iā€™m not sure. Maybe the chance to find a place away from the crowd where the sea of diversity becomes a single homogeneous fabric. Carving out a visual slice from the bigger world ā€“ allowing something different to come into view.