Lost and Found

Wandering the streets in an unfamiliar city can lead in many directions. Lost can be one of them. I pride myself on having a good sense of direction, but even the best of us finds ourselves a little turned around on occasion.

What I did find was something that appeared to be misplaced by someone else…or at the very least outside its normal place. Unsure if this was an active place to sit or was just waiting for the Monday morning trash pickup to arrive, it was reminiscent of the wonderful art project and book published in 1984 The Red Couch, A Portrait of America by Kevin Clarke.

While my version was sans the portrait portion of that project it left me wondering who had sat on this in the past when it was part of a living room set and what passerby’s had found comfort here in its new location corner side in this modest cul-de-sac in California. While the book was filled with people sitting on the couch across America this instead leaves the viewer to imagine who had reclined here in the past.

So many questions with precious few answers in this photograph adding to the randomness of the scene and the even more indirect route it took me to find this picture.