Vintage Sunset

Something about a vintage hotel. Maybe it’s the history surrounding the structure. It’s place in the historical timeline of a developing town. Possibly it’s the thought of all the travelers that have proceeded me. Where they were individually in that spectrum of history and their role in it. If there is a place to stay and the choice is between a national brand and a hotel that’s on the historical registry the choice is always clear.

The beauty of older hotels is they understand the importance of a good lobby bar. It’s inherent in older designs. Never far from the front desk. Tall ceilings with expansive windows drawing light from the street outside into a grand space.

It’s here I find myself tonight. One of my favorite historic hotels. The Mayflower Park Hotel in Seattle. A classic example of a design aesthetic from the early 1900s. In the heart of Seattle with a spacious lobby bar famous for winning the annual martini pour off each year. This spot fits the bill today from several points of view. An end of travel day libation and a location for today’s image. The bank of windows the centerpiece of my time here right next to a chilled glass filled with the essence gin strained with just the right dryness.