Aisle POV

If you stare at something long enough you start to see things that were not apparent, to begin with. Like lying on your back watching puffy clouds fill a blue sky – eventually, your mind drifts off. Shapes morph into new forms and what was unmistakable in the beginning starts looking slightly different.

Possibly it is the shift of attention that creates something new. At first look, you see one thing, but with time other elements that were missed at first glance come more clearly into view.

Maybe it’s the mind that hinders you from seeing something unique at first glance. The discovery of something new slowly filling the place where your mind initially intrudes.
Either way, it takes time to find something unique. It takes repeatedly looking at something familiar to actually find what you are looking for.

I’m not sure how many hours I have spent looking out a plane window, but this was the first time I have wanted to record this point of view. The first time I have pulled back from the window to look at the larger scene of something so familiar.

The abundance of idle time and kicking my mind out of the way was all it took.