Fan Street

Here in Hanoi and across the country, the streets of this diverse landscape are often organized around specific products for sale. Streets with only shoes, blend into streets selling plastic bags, followed by an avenue filled only with flower vendors.

On one such street in the Old Quarter of central Hanoi, vendors sell only household fans. And on the corner of this street, quite naturally, sits the only fan repair shop.

Sitting patiently his next repair will most certainly arrive. The collection of vintage fans in the window is a testament to his longevity here working and the evolution of design, function, and form.

The longer you spend here the more you realize the power of patience and how it can affect your photography. After a few days of wandering the streets, what was once chaotic and random, starts to reveal itself as ordered and measured. A life not unlike ours at home with rules and deliberate design waiting for the patient observer to discover.