Tiny Stairwells

Here in Saigon as I wrap up nearly a month on the road I’ve had the chance to wander unfettered for the last several days around this dynamic city. Day or night it never seems to stop here. Morning vendors out to catch the early commerce blend into a whole different group of businesses as evening falls.

In the twilight, every little doorway you pass is illuminated by a single light casting a welcoming sign to the curious traveler. Like an open door beckoning you to walk through I spent many an evening exploring in search of where they may lead. Narrow stairways of worn tile and stone ascend higher and higher. Each floor is a new discovery or a potential dead end.

Over the last few days I have been shooting film as well which has provided a welcome return to a different way of shooting, yet in the darkened stairwells and alleys of this evening landscape, a digital sensor rules the night.