Trailer Art

The arrival of a new 28mm prime coincided with my walk near sunset as summer finally makes it to the Pacific Northwest on the longest day of the year. An old haunt here in Olympia, the Brotherhood, provided just the stop I needed.

Theorem stencil or velvet paints are a trademark here and the late afternoon sun streaming in the open door was a nice accent to the empty booths that lined the wall just inside the entrance. Popularized in the 1940’s they still hold my facilitation today mostly because of the funky texture and trailer trash feel they offer. This set with a Mexican bullfighting motif was especially nice and reminded me of ones I had seen as a child living in Southern California. Did I just admit to living in a trailer as a kid?

Leaving well after sunset the cooling summer air was a harbinger of days ahead. Wandering at twilight in a t-shirt and shorts – it’s a good start to a much-deserved summer. And I got to use my new 28mm too.