IR Dreams

Over the weekend I was cleaning out a storage space and came across an old SLR body that I had the sensor replaced to shoot only in infrared. It certainly is a specialty application and at the time, some years ago, I was influenced by a good friend that had a camera converted and was enjoying shooting this style. At the time I’m not sure I really shot that much with it, but I pulled it aside thinking this winter I would try again.

That night I dreamt about shooting with this camera so naturally, in the morning with the fall colors finishing up their final days, I decide to act on my dreams and take it out for a run around the lake.
IR is such a strange medium to shoot with and having a display on the rear of the camera holds real value in getting to understand what is actually happening. Post-production is an adventure as well and with so many choices about which way to go, it’s almost paralyzing once you get to that stage.

Nevertheless, it’s always fun to experiment which this effort most certainly was.