Preferred Shapes

When I find myself doodling on a long call or boring meeting the resulting “unconscious art” is often a cluster of squares and rectangles. Matching and overlapping shapes of different sizes, but always the same two forms. I have always been drawn to those contours for some reason. Seeing a variant of that in any material has the same effect.

Wood boxes strewn around a community seating area was a natural draw. The harsh afternoon light pouring into a grand southern window casting long deep shadows across the architecture like a sieve being pulled through the water.

I look for them instinctively. Windows and doors. Bridges or buildings. Each a variation of the same thing placed along my path as I move throughout the day. On a yellow legal pad with a phone pressed against my ear or across the way silhouetted against the city landscape. They are always around just waiting to be noticed or in the case today, to be a photograph.