Love Notes

In a town filled with white walls, sometimes the temptation is too great. Even in the absence of a pen or a can of spray paint, the truly determined will find a way. Or maybe I should say, love will find a way.

Determination is the ultimate driver of almost everything I do. Sure, things can just drop in my lap, but overwhelmingly it’s the drive to find something, fix something, or simply get all that hangs over my head off the long list of to-dos each day.

Photography can fall into that category occasionally, where the determination to capture a photograph takes a step in front of the creative process. It’s like that commercially, of course, and while the outcome can be great, the level of enjoyment versus the determination I need to get there are inversely related.

My goal is to take determination out of my photography as much as I can and allow the creative process to rule the day. Like the love notes on this wall. Amongst all the clutter and failed attempts, it’s still the most important thing.