Training Portrait

Ugh! It was a day of moving and memorials for me as the last day of standard time quickly became a day of no time. A scattered mind is no playground for inspiration so a trip to the well seemed enviable from early on.

On this day in Thailand I was taking a train trip to visit the real-life setting of the classic WWII-era film/book “The Bridge on the River Kwai” It was a day-long trip to reach the river crossing where US and English POWs toiled for months building a bridge to allow the Japanese land access to Burma and the natural resources that resided there.

Early that morning as I and hundreds of other travelers waited for the train’s arrival I spotted this Buddhist monk patiently waiting, as I was, to begin the journey. With a smile and a quick gesture to my camera, an invitation was secured and I spent a few moments photographing this most interesting man without a word being exchanged.