Remote Outpost

We live in a connected world. Never w/o cellular service or so it seems. Mostly finding ourselves complaining about the quality or speed we might be getting at any single moment.

There are places where those concerns subside even to the point were the best possible option – a satellite phone can’t even help. Here is where I find myself today and for the weeks to come. Pushing a tiny 300mb image file into an even smaller pipe makes the worst days of dialup service feel like a T-1 line.
As a preemptive measure, since my faith in celestial connections is in serious question, I have drafted a post or two that Eliot has agreed to place on my behalf. Breaking just about every rule usually feels better than this, but I find myself with few options.

This image represents my idea of pushing the sensor beyond what I would normally do. Heading out long after sunset when my camera is almost always put away I shot deep into the twilight. Working the longer exposures against the pouring rain and fading light. Nothing about this image did I want to be worked in post except the color. It was an attempt to simply capture in camera the feeling of deep quiet, utter stillness and impending darkness.