Window to my World

Spending over six weeks boat bound, the last 18 nights of which at anchor, can alter your point of view. Things that you took for granted get pushed to the forefront. Simple basics take on renewed importance and the least of which, the boat itself becomes something unto its own. Taking on an otherworldly perspective – the boat becomes your everything. A moving living domicile of transportation, rest, and nourishment in every sense of the word. A platform of refuge and security. The very definition of home.

Creating this picture combines the twin feelings of arrival and inter-dependance. Coming to a new place based mostly on your skills and a little bit of luck is an empowering accomplishment. Inter-dependance with the natural world where you are completely sovereign, yet fully immersed and reliant at the same time. Two points of view reflected in the windows of this trusted vessel.

Two worlds connected by a simple thread represented here by a boat.