Abandoned Dreams

In a serene cove not too far from here, the shattered dreams of a once-proud ferryboat lie strewn along the shoreline. The Ocean City embarked on a remarkable journey from the east coast through the Panama Canal and along the western coast hoping to become a tourist attraction here in the tranquil waters of Puget Sound. Back in 1932, this ferry was a functional car ferry in Ocean City, MD, before it found its way to the Pacific Northwest, meeting its eventual misfortune in this secluded bay.

The rusted decks and peeling paint defining her exterior today. The decks have taken on a deep tilt as the keel slowly descends into the soft mud below. As for the interior, it’s a tangled web of garbage and discarded dreams.

What attracted her to me, especially as the sun dipped low, was her exterior. Time and the relentless forces of weather have been unkind, tugging at her steel framework. The rust continues to deepen with every cycle of rain and sun. Exploring her was a daring endeavor, but the opportunity to witness this fading beauty up close was an adventure worth taking.